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No Need to Hush...

...The Librarian's out for the millenium. I decided she was largely unnecessary considering the difficulty acoustics have in traveling via the internet; which is to say, they don't. So, whether you laugh or cry or scream or curse while reading around here, you're not going to bother anyone.

Least of all, me.

Still, all things considered, I hope you enjoy.

I've tried to keep the categories to the left as close as possible to actual Dewey decimal codes, but those change fairly often it seems, so I'll hope a close analogue is good enough.

Here's the summary of classes:

000 - Computers, Information, & General Reference

Articles, HOWTOs, opinion, etc. concerning every facet of computing and IT that catches my fancy. Some of these docs are theoretical, many more practical.

100 - Philosophy & Psychology

Opinion and research concerning both topics. More detailed thoughts may be found in the Autogenesis section from the main navbar.

200 - Religion

Again, opinion and research concerning the topic. And, again, further reading may be found in the Autogenesis section.

800 - Literature

Criticism, summary, and, yes, even actual literature.

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