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Existence, Knowability, and Attributes of God

In my youth, I was something of a religious zealot. More unfortunately, I was a pretty smart religious zealot, so my zealotry was rarely refuted, and raged more or less unchecked. In the end, I largely had to refute myself, but there were a few who aided, in ways small and great, and I thank them. They know who they are; God is among them.

Now, I am agnostic, and moreover, what I call Autogenetically agnostic. You'll find at least one piece in this section dealing with that subject. You'll eventually find more at the Autogenesis link in the navbar above.

Nihil Considero et Nihil Me Considerat
Written in April of AD 2003, while outrageously busy with other things, for an underground journal of some sort my friend J.K. Prestridge was putting together. Herein you'll find my first "published" explanation of my agnosticism.
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