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American Poetry in English

I never thought much about being poet when I was a boy. I was much more interested in pratical and (to boy-Matthew) heroic professions like 'Astronaut' and 'Archaeologist' and, of course, 'President' (of what, I'm no longer sure).

But, poetry found me waiting around the time I was getting ready to become 15. She found me and took me away, and I am still gone.

I've written many, many poems, but I have rules about which ones I share (maybe I'll write about those rules sometime). These below passed muster.

Chloe Asked Me Why
Written (I think) in AD 1999 while I was a (failing) student at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. First of a planned series with little Chloe and the Mystery Person I think of only as 'The Speaker'.
Untitled #1
Written I don't know when at my parents' former home in Grandview, Missouri. My idea of a short pastoral thing. With a car in it.
Sonnet to the Modernist Woman
Written in '99 as well, and again at William Jewell. Try reading this one with tongue firmly planted in cheek (whose is your decision) the whole time.
Written in AD 2000 while still at William Jewell. All about alliteration. Just like that last sentence was all about assonance. Keep your comments to yourself.
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