Matthew A. Feadler

1608 E Angela Dr                                                                                                                         Phone: 602-318-6719

Phoenix, AZ 85022                                                                                                                                                            


Professional Objective


To continue my rewarding position as head of Herd Technologies, Inc., wherein my certifications, skills, and talents in Network Administration, Engineering, and otherwise are being fully utilized.


Summary of Qualifications


Talented, skilled, extensively certified Information Systems/Information Technology Professional, Network Administrator, and Engineer with 12 years’ industry experience.




            CIW: MCIWA | Cisco: CCNA | CompTIA: A+, Network+, Linux+, Security+

Microsoft: MCP/MCSA 2K/XP




Adobe Products | Apache HTTP Server | Apple Mac OS 8, 9, X | Backup | Cisco Routers, Switches, PIX Firewalls | CSS | DNS | DHCP | FTP | Hardware | HTML | LAN/WAN | Macromedia Products | Microsoft Windows 3.x, 9x, NT 3.x/4.x, 2K, XP, 2K3 | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Servers (IIS, Exchange, SQL) | mySQL | NAS/SAN | NAT | Open Source Software | RAID | Security | Sendmail | SSL | Subnetting | TCP/IP | Terminal Services | UNIX (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris) | UNIX Shells (Bourne, C, TC, Korn, Bourne-Again) | VB6, VB.NET | VPN




                Accelerated Learning | Analysis | Automation | Debugging | Detail-Orientation | Documentation | Flexibility | Oral Communication | Professional Demeanor | Self-Management | Troubleshooting | Written Communication




October 2002 - Present     Herd Technologies, Inc.     Phoenix, AZ


President/CEO & Chief Tech

  • Responsible for co-founding and building a new IT services firm in the Phoenix metro, dedicated to superior quality and expertise.  To date, have grown the company from one client providing minimal income to 50+ clients providing revenue of several thousand dollars per month.
    • Administrative and corporate duties are varied and endless; from payroll to bylaws and everything in-between.
    • Technical duties are nearly as various; there is little in the PC and PC networking fields we have not done for our clients.


July 2001 – August 2003     TechSkills, LLC     Phoenix, AZ


Information Technology Mentor / Network Administrator

·          Responsible for instruction of industry certification courses, resulting in over 300 certifications obtained, and administering a 50+-node, multiplatform Local Area Network/Wide Area Network.

o         Migrated LAN from Windows NT 4.0/2000 to Windows 2000 Server/XP Pro.

o         Implemented remote connectivity and WAN simulation using a configuration of multiple Cisco 1600-, 2500-, and 4000-series routers.

o         Designed and implemented VPN connectivity between Phoenix and Tempe branches, effectively producing one 100+-node WAN.

o         Developed and implemented specialized training in Sun Solaris, A+, and Network+ for the United States Air Force, resulting in entirely new curriculum for Sun Solaris.

Feb. ‘01 – May ‘01     Dept. of Geological Sciences, ASU     Tempe, AZ


Computer Assistant IV / Full Time Student

·          Responsible for assistance with, and verification of, mission-critical operations on 300+-node LAN, integrated with Arizona State University’s campus network.

o         Migrated from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000.

o         Designed and implemented relational database for department-wide IT asset tracking.


March ’00 – Jan. ’01     William Jewell College   Liberty, MO


Full Time Student

·          Period of focused academic study.


Oct. ’99 – Feb. ’00     GunnAllen Financial, Inc.     Tampa, FL


Contract Internet Specialist and Web Designer / Full Time Student

·          Responsible for design and maintenance of corporate internet/intranet websites, web-marketing advice, personnel training, and remote support.

o         Redesigned internet website at savings of nearly $20,000.

o         Designed intranet website where none previously existed, implementing automation and dynamic content with ASP, DHTML, and JavaScript.

o         Trained IT personnel in site and server maintenance, scripting, and HTML.


July ’97 – May ’99     Birchtree Financial Services, Inc.     KC, MO


Sr. Network Administrator / IT Chief

·          Solely responsible for evaluating, recommending, implementing, testing, and maintaining all IT infrastructure for 30+-node LAN with 300+ remote dial-up sites.

o         Moved network from mixed Ethernet/Token-Ring shared infrastructure to pure Ethernet/Fast Ethernet switched environment.

o         Implemented company’s first server solution, running Windows NT 4.0, simultaneously introducing NT domain architecture.  Later, integrated second NT server for more efficient data processing (load-balancing).

o         Implemented internet connectivity using 128k ISDN and Microsoft Proxy Server 1.0/2.0.

o         Developed corporate intranet and internet websites where none previously existed, implementing authentication, automation, and dynamic content with Microsoft IIS 3.0/4.0, ASP, DHTML, JavaScript, and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0.

o         Implemented corporate-wide electronic collaboration solution, including internet email, based on Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 and Outlook 98.

o         Brought IT infrastructure into Y2K compliance, as per Securities Exchange Commission and National Association of Securities Dealers requirements.


Jan ’97 – June ’97     Eagleseye     Grandview, MO


Contract Network Designer

·          Responsible for design and implementation of LAN w/ internet connectivity.

o         Designed and implemented 7-client / 1-server LAN w/ internet connectivity using 64k ISDN.

o         Implemented NT 4.0 domain architecture.

o         Provided technical support and personnel training for 8 employees.


Sep. ’93 – Dec. ’96     Dominion Christian   Grandview, MO


Full Time Student / Contract IT Specialist

·          Period of focused academic study, with occasional contract IT work.


June’93 – Aug ‘93     Uptime Technical Services, Inc.     KC, MO


Assistant Technician

·          Responsible for construction, installation, configuration, and repair of PC hardware, and assistance with network operations.

o         Utilized PC architectures, Microsoft and Novell operating systems, Ethernet and Token Ring networking.